30 Shades of Gray Butte

Millennial turns 30 and hikes butte, reminisces about ticks and pioneer orchards.

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Bessie: The ‘Other’ Butte

Bessie Butte is my other butte. To Pilot ‘in-town’ Butte and Lava ‘on-the-way-home’ Butte anyway. Admittedly, there are enough buttes in my life that I have taken to giving them nicknames. Seems silly to personify a mass of dirt but I assure you each one has a unique personality, no two inclines are ever alike.

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Kapka Butte

It snowed in the mountains last week. I had great plans to hike Tumalo Mountain early in the morning and see the snow but it just didn’t happen. The early cascade storm prompted the busy squirrel in me and my one free day was spent winterizing my shop and property. By my next available day […]

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Bates Butte

I really like Bend but I love Sunriver even more! It’s my happy place and for 9 months out of the year I pretty much have it to myself. I can zip around the trails undisturbed, get into the brewhouse without waiting, and buy milk in under 90 seconds. Then there are the months of June, July, and August. […]

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Camp Abbot Cinder Pit

I grew up on a cinder road, south of Sunriver. I remember the neighbor kid’s collecting very shiny, iridescent type lava rocks from the ditches that lined our street. They swore that boiling the rocks made the rainbow effect even stronger. The rocks were porous and lighter than other rocks their size, some could even […]

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Pistol Butte

There is something about a Butte, once you climb it, you never forget it. The more little bumps you recognize on the horizon, the better you know the land as a whole. 7 miles from my house is 5,154 foot tall Pistol Butte. Locals say the butte was named after Pistol Pete, a notorious mountain man who […]

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Ann’s Butte Natural Area

Yesterday I visited my ‘neighborhood butte’. It’s peak, standing at 4,747 feet, is clearly visible from my front window. There are several ways to get to the top (and actually, several ‘tops’). Ann’s Butte Natural Area has two summits: Ann and Little Ann. The former is classified as Oregon’s 1,658th highest mountain and is home […]

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Lava Butte

Halfway between Bend and Sunriver is Lava Butte, a 5,020 foot cinder cone. The Lava Lands Visitor Center sits at the base of the butte and is the hub of the Newberry Caldera National Monument. The center hosts a delightful northwest bookstore and informative interpretive site (complete with topographic map and helpful rangers). There is an easy […]

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