Green Lakes Trail

A hike with a beer namesake? That’s got to a be a pretty good sign! This hike (and it’s beer) is a Bend staple. Crisp, clean, and positively mood-altering; The Green Lakes Trail is a robust, and full bodied hike. Beer metaphors aside, when my friend called and asked me to last-minute-join her on on the trail, I […]

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Fall River Trail

Crystal clear and cold as Hell, that’s Fall River! One time I thought I would be quite clever and come here to anchor my float tube. I found out really quickly why no one floats here, the water is painfully cold. My feet and ankles turned purple and then numb, I didn’t dare try sitting. Good […]

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Brown’s Crossing

Brown’s Crossing, 24 miles south of Sunriver,  is one of my favorite spots to observe a plethora of local wildlife. This 2- square mile habitat is a lush home to a variety of waterfowl and birds of prey, hummingbirds, beavers, deer, and bats. In early Spring I visited and found several deer carcasses from the […]

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Muskrat Lake Shelter

In July of 2012 I visited Muskrat Lake Shelter, a half forgotten fur-trapper’s cabin nestled in the The Three Sisters Wilderness. The cabin was built in 1934 by famed cabin builder Luther Metke. The cabin was built to house fur trappers who managed traps that supplemented a muskrat farm owned by Ted Wallace. The business eventually failed […]

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The Devil’s Playground

On the westside of Sparks Lake is an area called the Devil’s Playground, a meadow marsh near Satan’s Creek. I stumbled upon this place by accident, following fall colors and finding quite a bit more. This area is home to several abandoned campsites including the Satan Creek Forest Camp (pictured). Satan Creek is spring fed and flows […]

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