Lava River Cave

I’ve been on sort of a cave kick lately, I blame smokey 90 degree days. Two thirds of Oregon seems to be a blaze, as it usually is in late August. The newspaper has declared ‘Fire’ a season. I’ve found that smoke really messes up majestic vistas (and lung proficiency, go figure). I’ve taken to […]

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Sky Light Cave

It is mid August, the Zenith of Summer. Days are warm, busy, and adventure filled. Yet long and lazy twilights are waning, something in the air has changed. Night closes in and brings with it an urgency, a cold not felt in months. The Perseid meteor showers have come and gone, Munch and Music has closed, […]

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Boyd Cave

East of Bend is China Hat road, gateway to High Desert recreation, even in winter. Among several buttes, hiking and mountain bike trails are a collection of volcanic tube caves. Many of the caves have been closed to preserve bats/integrity, Boyd Cave (formerly Coyote Butte Cave) is open to the public.  The cave is somewhat developed, a […]

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