Ghost Towns & Pioneer Graves: Oregon’s Grassland Roots

In the city we drink eclectic cocktails on barnwood tables, nosh our locally harvested aperitif. Out here, the barn wood supports a livelihood. The solitary farmer is a 16 hour dust cloud. Around him are ghostly carcasses, lost homesteads. Century old dreams lay baked in the desert sun. They are but apparitions in a literal ghost town.

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Lava River Cave

I’ve been on sort of a cave kick lately, I blame smokey 90 degree days. Two thirds of Oregon seems to be a blaze, as it usually is in late August. The newspaper has declared ‘Fire’ a season. I’ve found that smoke really messes up majestic vistas (and lung proficiency, go figure). I’ve taken to […]

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Sky Light Cave

It is mid August, the Zenith of Summer. Days are warm, busy, and adventure filled. Yet long and lazy twilights are waning, something in the air has changed. Night closes in and brings with it an urgency, a cold not felt in months. The Perseid meteor showers have come and gone, Munch and Music has closed, […]

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North Twin Lake

If South Twin was my Summer Camp then North was were I daren’t go. I’m not sure why, North Twin is literally that, a twin to my beloved lake. The lakes were formed over 20,000 years ago when a (giant) stream of molten lava collided with water. The resulting explosion created two shallow craters, a mile […]

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South Twin Lake

When I was young I would read novels about sexy summer camps set on fabulous lake shores. Sensational scandals of murder and tipped canoes glimmered from the pages of my books. Looking up and out onto my own Cascade lake, I remember being bored. Maybe it was just that I was 13 and had spent the last […]

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Petersen Rock Garden

Not far off Highway 97, between Bend and Redmond is a quaint little piece of roadside Americana, The Petersen Rock Garden. The Garden was built in 1935 by Danish immigrant Rasmus Petersen and is made entirely of locally collected rocks. Obsidian, Petrified Wood,Crystal Quartz,and Agate make up a miniaturized world complete with irrigated ponds and […]

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Glass Buttes: Obsidian Collection

77 miles East of Bend, on Highway 20 lies Glass Buttes, a geological wonderland literally speckled with ancient volcanic glass. The area is one of the largest Obsidian collection sites in the North West. Native American’s have been accessing The Buttes for centuries.  Artifacts from this area have been identified as far north as British Columbia and […]

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