The Painted Hills

A delicious layer cake of history, the Painted Hills is a visual timeline dating back 40 million years! Rocks found in The Clarno Area (named for a pioneer crossing near John Day) are from The Eocene Epoch and paint a picture of a sub-tropical grass land. The present day Cascades were not yet formed and […]

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Glass Buttes: Obsidian Collection

77 miles East of Bend, on Highway 20 lies Glass Buttes, a geological wonderland literally speckled with ancient volcanic glass. The area is one of the largest Obsidian collection sites in the North West. Native American’s have been accessing The Buttes for centuries.  Artifacts from this area have been identified as far north as British Columbia and […]

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Mayfield Pond BLM Area

Mayfield Pond Recreation Area, is a 19,500 acre parcel of BLM land open to the Public. This High Desert Oasis is home to an Ancient Juniper Forest, Mayfield Pond and a bonanza of other interesting things. Near the turn of the Century, (from 1890-1915) this area was homesteaded by early farmers who, due to the […]

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Boyd Cave

East of Bend is China Hat road, gateway to High Desert recreation, even in winter. Among several buttes, hiking and mountain bike trails are a collection of volcanic tube caves. Many of the caves have been closed to preserve bats/integrity, Boyd Cave (formerly Coyote Butte Cave) is open to the public.  The cave is somewhat developed, a […]

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