Old Route 242

WATERFALLS! A lava rock observatory, pioneer grave, and more delight along Old Route 242, a portion of The Mckenzie Pass Highway. This 36 mile stretch of scenic byway is a twisted good time, a curvy ascent into Oregon eye candy pleasure land.  On September 1st my Husband and I set out in search of Fall colors, […]

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Whychus Creek Falls

In September of 2012 a lightning strike set off a forest fire that burned 40 square miles near Sisters, Oregon. The whole town was swathed in a thick grey coat of smoke for weeks. Daytime became night in a bizarre apocalyptic western-themed inferno. The Pole Creek Fire burned at a high intensity, historically uncommon, fueled […]

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Sky Light Cave

It is mid August, the Zenith of Summer. Days are warm, busy, and adventure filled. Yet long and lazy twilights are waning, something in the air has changed. Night closes in and brings with it an urgency, a cold not felt in months. The Perseid meteor showers have come and gone, Munch and Music has closed, […]

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Green Lakes Trail

A hike with a beer namesake? That’s got to a be a pretty good sign! This hike (and it’s beer) is a Bend staple. Crisp, clean, and positively mood-altering; The Green Lakes Trail is a robust, and full bodied hike. Beer metaphors aside, when my friend called and asked me to last-minute-join her on on the trail, I […]

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Muskrat Lake Shelter

In July of 2012 I visited Muskrat Lake Shelter, a half forgotten fur-trapper’s cabin nestled in the The Three Sisters Wilderness. The cabin was built in 1934 by famed cabin builder Luther Metke. The cabin was built to house fur trappers who managed traps that supplemented a muskrat farm owned by Ted Wallace. The business eventually failed […]

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