Haunted Oregon: Heceta Head

The rugged Oregon Coast: Land of myst, myth, and lore. +Secret Bonus Hike!

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Antler Sheds Vs. Antique Rubble

So, it’s shed season here in Central Oregon and that means a good chunk of my family is out in the desert getting dusty and looking for dropped bone. 🙂 That sounds funny. Anyway, my parents and uncle have all been successful, duh… they always are! Good job guys, I’m totally not jealous at all. Not […]

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs

    For my 32nd Birthday I decided to roll out into the desert and dip into a natural hot spring. I love Hot Springs, it’s no secret, and like all things ‘Oregon’ they are pretty trendy. My favorite hot springs (Summer Lake) are now really popular. 😦  My first few visits will live on […]

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Bessie: The ‘Other’ Butte

Bessie Butte is my other butte. To Pilot ‘in-town’ Butte and Lava ‘on-the-way-home’ Butte anyway. Admittedly, there are enough buttes in my life that I have taken to giving them nicknames. Seems silly to personify a mass of dirt but I assure you each one has a unique personality, no two inclines are ever alike.

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