The Billy Quinn Gravesite

Coldy-Hot Days, my daughter calls them; the crisp caramel colored mornings that bleed into bright blue 80 degree afternoons. She treks out to school in a summer dress and winter coat, beanie, gloves and Chacos. She is only 6 and yet she understands the secret to mountain comfort, layers. I am so proud. I am […]

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Congleton Hollow: Rock Collection

At the center of Oregon there are MEATLOAF SANDWICHES! Don’t believe me? Drive out to Post (the geographical MIDDLE of the state) and see for yourself. Don’t drive too fast or you’ll miss the painted wooden sign that adverts home-made beefy comfort food. This is cow country, there isn’t much else out here. Just desert Juniper, […]

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Kapka Butte

It snowed in the mountains last week. I had great plans to hike Tumalo Mountain early in the morning and see the snow but it just didn’t happen. The early cascade storm prompted the busy squirrel in me and my one free day was spent winterizing my shop and property. By my next available day […]

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Paulina Peak Hike

I like conquering peaks. The more vistas I’ve visited by foot the better I know the land around me. This gives me a sense of place, a deeper understanding of my home. That and I crave delicious hits of ecstasy inducing, opioid-receptor pushing endorphins! I’m only human after all, I like to feel good. In […]

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Old Route 242

WATERFALLS! A lava rock observatory, pioneer grave, and more delight along Old Route 242, a portion of The Mckenzie Pass Highway. This 36 mile stretch of scenic byway is a twisted good time, a curvy ascent into Oregon eye candy pleasure land.  On September 1st my Husband and I set out in search of Fall colors, […]

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Whychus Creek Falls

In September of 2012 a lightning strike set off a forest fire that burned 40 square miles near Sisters, Oregon. The whole town was swathed in a thick grey coat of smoke for weeks. Daytime became night in a bizarre apocalyptic western-themed inferno. The Pole Creek Fire burned at a high intensity, historically uncommon, fueled […]

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